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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 3: High 5 Bread Town

Moving on after lunch at Kidzania, we hopped over to the High 5 Bread Town!

One of the more unusual museums in Malaysia is High 5 Bread Town. High 5 is the name of a brand of sliced bread produced by Silver Bird Group and this bread museum is located at Silver Bird's factory complex in Shah Alam.

Once inside the museum, the pupils first took a seat in the theatre to watch a short video presentation called "The Story Behind a Loaf of Bread", giving an overview of how bread making has changed over the centuries, starting from Ancient Egypt, through the Roman and Viking eras right up to the present day.
After the entertaining and educational video, the pupils were led through a magic sliding door into a labyrinth of museum style exhibits on the history of bread making. 

After learning about the history of bread, the tour continued through an elevated walkway (880 feet long) with large windows giving an excellent view of the modern factory floor below, which, according to Silver Bird, is part of the largest stand-alone bakery plant in South East Asia. 

There, the pupils observed live how the factory employees produce bread through all the various stages from raw dough to packaging and packing. At the end of the tour, all of us were given a complimentary goodie bag filled with buns and a fruit cake! 

Yummy!! Just in time for our tea break as we embark on our journey southbound for Malacca!
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