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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 3: Kidzania KL

After a good night's rest and breakfast, we packed up our bags and checked out the awesome Boulevard Hotel to continue Day 3 of of our amazing learning journey!

First up is Kidzania Kuala Lumpur!

KidZania is an indoor family edutainment centre which offers an interactive learning and entertainment experience for kids in a kid-sized city to deliver the first-of-its-kind edutainment fun. 

The KidZania experience is about real-life experiences, empowering, inspiring and educating kids through role-play.

The entire centre is designed to encourage learning through role-playing activities. Featuring over 90 professions working within a real economy, KidZania allows kids to transcend the boundaries of the grown up world to play their part in a community and also experience the tricks-of-the-trade of their dream careers!

Jobs in KidZania reproduce scenarios that kids will face during adult life. This provides a way to positively influence how children relate and respond to an environment.  Role-playing also gives children an opportunity to make their own decisions & develop a culture of continuous learning & accountability.
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Stay tuned for more photographs!!

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