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Monday, October 27, 2014

Off we go! First stop, Kampong Parit Penghulu

After crossing the Tuas 2nd Link and a hearty breakfast, we made our way to Kampong Parit Penghulu, a kampong home stay at Johor. 

We experienced playing tops, weaving baskets, preparing ondeh ondeh, folding ketupat and appreciating the kampong way of life!

We also had our delicious lunch at the kampong and visited the rubber plantation as well as padi fields.

Here are some of the photographs of us in action!

The weather is awesome but very hot. So, like Bumblebee, the pupils have been hydrating with the mineral water provided by our tour guide!

We are on our way to Kuala Lumpur for our buffet dinner! Keep following our blog to find out what we are doing!


  1. That looks fun! Feel like playing with the gasing after looking at the photo. The blog is really updated very quickly. Keep it going!

  2. Agreed. Keep it going! It's nice to see the kids safe and having an enjoyable time :) - Mdm Fazrin